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 by Janette Henning
Journal quotes by Melissa Camp

Janette is Co-Author with her daughter Melissa Camp of the book Melissa If One Life . . . It is the story of Melissa & Jeremy Camp that inspired the movie I STILL BELIEVE.. It is told through Melissa's journals and narrated by Janette.  Melissa's journals are transforming lives! 

Many have asked, "How can I have a faith like Melissa's?"  In an answer to that question Janette along with Melissa's journals have developed a Devotional Journal - Craving Intimacy with guide other's to have a strong faith and intimate relationship with God..  We are also providing FREE short E-Book Bible Studies and Devotional Journals to ignite your faith and encourage you on your amazing journey with God.


Conversations with God is a Bible Study Workshop that can change your life and the lives of others as you learn to pray as Jesus taught us to pray.


through trials

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through trials
A 7 Day Devotional Bible Study

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Prayer transports us out of our present reality into the presence of God.  How amazing is that?  God, the Creator of the universe invites us into His presence where He exchanges our anxieties for His peace, our mourning for His Joy, our weakness for His strength and our pain for His comfort.  Let prayer change your life!  This guide will give you insights into entering God’s presence, listening to His voice, authentic praying and receiving answers and help in time of need. 

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In this short E-Book you will discover How to Pray the Jesus way.

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