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“If One Life comes to faith in Jesus Christ through what I go through it will all be worth it.”

The movie, I Still Believe, is based on the love story of Melissa and Jeremy Camp.  This website is dedicated to Melissa, an amazing woman of God whose journey with Jesus and Jeremy is worth sharing.  What God can do with One Life that is surrendered to Him and His perfect will is truly amazing.  It is our aim to present you with opportunities to get to know Melissa through the film, her journals, photos, videos & her book, Melissa, If One Life . . . with the hope that one more life will be changed forever because of her life.

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Melissa's book is a treasure full of her unedited journals.  It is a book that is changing lives. 

It is our joy to give you the first chapter.


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Melissa's books, Melissa, If One Life . . . & the Devotional Journal are available

on Amazon, & Barnes & Noble!

If you Loved the Movie I STILL BELIEVE You will Love Melissa's Book. It gives the details of the incredible love story Melissa and Jeremy Camp shared together. It is told through Melissa's journals and narrated by Janette Henning.  It is the amazing true story that inspired the movie I STILL BELIEVE. It is a story of love, faith and hope and it is changing lives!! 

The Devotional Journal - Craving Intimacy with God is available.For more information and for a FREE 3 Day sample and opportunity to Win a copy of the book CLICK HERE.

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A Peak at Melissa's Book, Melissa, If One Life...

A Tribute to Melissa Video

Melissa's Perspective

Melissa's Perspective

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Learn more about Melissa and watch videos about the impact of her life.


Melissa & Jeremy's love story in her own words! Melissa, If One Life . . information


Listen and read some quotes from Melissa's journals. "Big or small I'm willing for it all . . .

The Mystery

Learn the mystery of Melissa's JOY in the midst of heartbreak and suffering.


Sorrowful Yet Always Rejoicing!  Blog sharing joys, sorrows and HOPE.



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