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Melissa wrote her journals for God, her loved ones, and she also wrote them for you.

C O N V E R S A T I O N S  W I T H  G O D

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"I look at this diary and wonder what it’s use is. Do you yearn for me to share it with strangers, loved    ones or just You and I?"


"If someone were ever to read this I would be so thrilled, thrilled to know, that God has used me to share of His wonderful promises."


Melissa loved Jesus more than any person I have ever met. She nurtured her relationship with Him through journaling. She didn’t just write down her feelings.  She interacted with the living God through His Word, the Bible. She listened to Him through His Word and the still small voice in her heart. She wrote down what He was teaching her and her conversations with Him. Jesus was her best friend. She talked with Him about everything, her struggles, her joys and her sorrows and Jesus talked with her. She knew He was preparing her for something big, something supernatural for His glory and His honor and she was willing for it all.

Melissa If One LIfe . . . is Melissa's book.  It is her journals and the narration of her "story."  She was more than excited to share her life and her journals with you.   

I found this journal entry shortly after she died.  She wrote it when she was 17.  It brought me great comfort and joy and also showed me that God had been working in her life preparing her for what was to come.  The Lord used this journal entry to answer her prayers for my comfort!  So amazing!


​Romans 8:18

Sufferings not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.


If You allow Him to guide and direct you then the end results are up to Christ.  AWESOME.  Melissa, walk by faith and realize that Jesus will do the work.

Lord as Your child I run to take my rightful seat.

I’m in love with You.  I can’t wait to be with You but I also can’t wait to allow You to reign in me, in your power. Your will be done in my life.  Big or small I’m willing for it all.  This journey is ours – let’s go.  I love You so much!  Open my eyes and keep me from sin.  I ask You’d speak to me over and over again so I will learn to know You consistently.  Here’s the beginning of forever!  Amen

Melissa – eternity is no troubles.  Eternity is full of blessings so even though now you’re having the wind against you, know God knows and sees what you’re going through.  Pray.  Walk away amazed and full of worship.

Learn from sorrow, seek God, be hungry for Him, you’ll be happy

Melissa Quote on Trials
Melissa's Perspective
Pray, Walk Away Amazed
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