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Born:  Melissa Lynn Henning

October 7, 1979

Married:  Jeremy Camp

October 21, 2000

Went to live with her Precious Lord Jesus

February 5, 2001

M E L I S S A  L Y N N  C A M P

Melissa book font.png

"God I want to be known as a woman who’s completely in love with you and is a friend of God.


Hi Friends!


I’d like to introduce you to an amazing young woman, Melissa Camp.  She is definitely known as a woman who is completely in love with Jesus and is a friend of God!  I am privileged to be her mother!


Whenever someone asks me, “What do you miss the most about Melissa?”  I immediately say, “How much she loved me.”  I carry that love with me every moment but oh how I miss her physical expression of unconditional love in my life! I don't just miss her tangible love for me, I also miss seeing this great, awe inspiring love inside of her for her family - her brother, her sisters, her Dad, her Grandma and her friends!  I saw this love extended to everyone she met and then there was Jeremy Camp.  I often tell people that I have never seen a love like that between two people. 

Melissa discovered the mystery to living a life filled with love no matter what the circumstances were at a very young age.  Her journals reveal the secret.  She loved because He first loved her.  Jesus pursued her with His love and she responded by loving Him with all her heart, mind and soul.  She is still touching people with her sacrificial love today.  We hope you get to know her a little through her journals and her story and that her life will inspire and encourage you to respond to the One that is pursing you.  "If One Life comes to faith in Jesus Christ because of what I go through it will all be worth it!"  That is supernatural love! She was willing to go through pain, suffering and even death so that others would come to know the Savior she loved so much!

Emotional footage of Jeremy telling their story.

Melissa's Remembrance Video from her Memorial Service

Interview with Melissa's mother, Janette Henning by Peyton Garland with Giving Company. 

Watch the video below of Jeremy and Melissa's sister Heather talk about the impact of Melissa's life.

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