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SHOES - Melissa was petite and when her wedding dress arrived it was inches too long.  It couldn't be altered because of the lace details at the bottom. I was concerned Melissa wasn't.  "Oh Mom, it doesn't matter I'll just get some higher heels."  Her Auntie went on a hunt and found some platform 5" heels!  Jeremy decided to go to the shoe store and get lifts in his shoes so they would still be proportionally the same!  So Melissa got to be tall on her wedding day which she loved.  Her sisters and her mom were tall and she always wanted to be tall like us!!

THE RECEPTION - Melissa and Jeremy wanted to invite everyone they knew to the wedding.  "Mom, can you make 600 invitations?"  I couldn't say no.  Mark and I had no idea how we were going to pay for a wedding let alone a 600 head wedding!  We prayed and God supplied abundantly.  The wedding was at our home church Horizon Christian Fellowship in Rancho Santa Fe.  They just happened to have Jay Perry a 5 Star Chef on staff who was a good friend and loved Melissa.  He and his staff made all the food.  Melissa had a friend that was going to make the wedding cake and backed out at the last minute. Jay had never made a wedding cake but said, "I can do it!"  It was perfect just as Melissa wanted.  White chocolate shavings all over the cake with a fresh strawberry filling.  PERFECT!

THE WEDDING VIDEO was taken by a dear friend of Melissa's, Vorie.  It is not a professional production as you can see but was done in love.  This is how their wedding came about.  Friends and family volunteering from the photographer, videographer, flowers, invitations, decorations, the church, the food, the cake, the musicians!  Everything came about through the love of others for Melissa and Jeremy. 

God's little miracles showed up everywhere.  From stamps for the 600 invitations donated by a friend that I ran into at the market to Melissa's veil made and donated by a women we randomly ran into in her bridal store.  I walked into the bridal store and could hear Jeremy's music playing throughout the shop.  The store owner asked if she could help me and I mentioned Jeremy's CD playing.  She said she had been praying for Melissa as she had heard about her at her church, Horizon Christian Fellowship. A minute later Melissa and Jeremy walked in.  Melissa had a hard time finding a veil for her sweet small head with hardly any hair.  This dear woman was so thrilled to serve them and offered to make Melissa a veil at no cost.  It was beautiful and perfect.  Melissa loved it!  God showed up everywhere helping to make the wedding of their dreams come true!

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