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About Us


Hi!  I'm Janette Henning, Melissa's Mom. 

Thank you for stopping by.

This website is dedicated to sharing the life of Melissa Lynn Camp.  Her statement, "If one life come to faith in Jesus Christ because of what I go through it will all be worth it" is the inspiration for

If One Life . . .

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If One Life . . . Ministry Draft

Inspired by the life of Melissa Lynn Camp. 

Melissa had an amazing love for Jesus, her husband, and her family.  She showed the love of Christ to those who did not know Him and taught Believers to love Him more.  We glorify God for her life.  We are truly honored and blessed by God to be her family.  Lis, Thank you for loving us so much.  We love you, Mom, Dad, Heather, Ryan, Megan and beloved husband Jeremy

Strategic Focus

“If One Life comes to faith in Jesus Christ because of what I go through it will all be worth it.”

Our mission is to share Melissa’s life, her unconditional love for people, her immense love for Jesus, her willingness to sacrifice for One Life to come to know Him and to inspire and equip others to live authentic Christ following lives as she did.

Our Vision

​​Through Melissa’s journals and the influence of her life we desire to inspire and equip others to live authentic Christ following lives through:

Melissa If One Life . . .  Book:  Melissa’s love story and journals

If One Life…  Guided Journal

     Teaching others to interact with God on a personal level through journaling.  Using quotes and        Scripture from Melissa’s journals.

If One Life . . .  Devotional using Melissa’s Journals

If One Life . . . Written Bible Studies including Melissa quotes with video teaching

When Bad Things Happen How Do You Still Believe? (First Study)

Geared toward discipling young women to live as Christ followers.  Tackling struggles and victory over self-image, eating disorders, relationships, family, hardship, suffering, etc.

If One Life . . .  Sorrowful yet Always Rejoicing (second book about life after her death)



Video Blogs

Speaking Engagements:  Messages Inspired by Melissa’s life


Charity:  Donating to provide Forest Home Camp scholarships for those in need.

Our Core Values and Commitments

  • To live out our lives surrendered to Jesus Christ and to influence and equip others to do the same.


  • In communicating and representing Melissa’s life to others, we are responsible to follow Jesus Christ as she did.


  • We are Christ followers, Sermon on the Mount followers, Word of God followers. We follow and obey Jesus' Words, His commands and His teachings throughout Scripture.


  • Our decisions and how we live are based on the written Word of God.


  • We commit to love as Melissa did and specially to love those she loved.


  • We commit to forgive quickly and to not “take into account” a wrong suffered; recognizing that some are “stuck in the dudu” and they need our love, prayers and encouragement.  As Jesus forgave us, and as Melissa lived a life of love and forgiveness so we must also do.


  • We choose grace and mercy over judgement.


  • We commit to speaking words of encouragement to each other and never speak disparaging words about anyone.


  • We commit to loving one another, to unity and to the ministry of reconciliation.


  • We commit to live our lives for the sake of the one life.


  • We commit to help one another live out these principals.

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